Laminate Flooring

Waterproof laminate flooring is a great option for active areas of the home, where ease of care and durability are a top priority.  We offer the finest brands of waterproof laminate flooring at discount prices and all of our laminate floors are 1st quality, still in the original manufacturer’s cartons. Many manufacturers today won’t allow us to publish our advertised sale prices so you have to call. This also helps you because we can make sure what you are ordering is the correct amount, the perfect color, and will work best for your situation.

If you find a lower price than what we offer, send us a copy of the quote and we will get you the best price!

Laminate flooring has set a new presidence in the flooring industry with waterproofing technology.  This waterproof technology such as what Revwood and Timberstep utilize is only topical.  That means that your laminate flooring is safe as long as the liquid stays on top of the flooring.  Any liquid that runs over the side of the planks will easily be absorbed into the core and cause swelling damage. But this shouldn't deter any wise shopper from the substantial benefits of this technology especially since waterpoof laminate companies couple this technology with a sealing technology that keeps water from leaking through the joints where two planks meet.  And this is great news.  That means the only concern is when the amount of water becomes so great that it spills over the edge against the wall or doorway.  A leak this size would ruin about any floor. All this technology along with laminate flooring's scratch and dent resistance, and economical benefits are hard to ignore when inflation has gripped the nation and gas prices are soaring.  At Total Value Flooring, we are dedicated to bringing the truth about all available flooring options.  Give us a call at (800) 957-6643 to grab a price on Revwood and Timberstep waterproof laminate.