Mohawk Revwood Laminate Flooring

Collections Overview:

RevWood Plus: The pinnacle of luxury and protection. Fully waterproof, this line is perfect for all home areas, including rooms prone to spills.

RevWood Select: Offering a balance of style and practicality, this collection provides enhanced scratch resistance and a semi-waterproof finish.

RevWood Premier: Combining aesthetics with functionality, these floors feature exquisite wood patterns and top-tier scratch resistance.

RevWood Essentials: The perfect blend of value and performance, offering the essential qualities of the RevWood line with budget-friendly options.

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Why Choose Mohawk Revwood?

Ultimate Durability: With innovative technology, RevWood is designed to resist scratches, stains, and water damage. Elegant Styles: A wide array of colors and patterns ensures the perfect match for any interior design. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Committed to sustainability, RevWood uses eco-friendly processes and materials. Easy Maintenance: Simplify your life with flooring that requires minimal upkeep. Mohawk RevWood: Redefining the Laminate Game Think laminate floors can't handle your everyday? Think again. Mohawk RevWood steps up to the challenge, bringing you a waterproof solution that doesn't just keep up with the Joneses; it leaves them in the dust. When it comes to flooring, Mohawk RevWood is like that smart friend who knows a bit about everything. It's the Jack-of-all-trades in the world of laminate flooring, and there's a reason why it should be your go-to choice for flooring.