Shaw Floorte LVP

Shaw LVT Flooring Sale!

Shaw Floorte is one of the most beloved LVP brands to date.  Why?  Well, let’s see…

Distinct Features:

Besides being one of the most durable flooring products on the face opf the earth, Shaw Floorte is also stylish in its aesthetics and completely waterproof.  That gives enough reasons to at least take a look at this luxury vinyl, feel its registered embossing (the feeling of the surface), test its strength, and see if it in fact is everything you hope it to be.  The fact that its durable and waterproof is enough to get some attention.  This luxury vinyl will stand up to high traffic areas like no other floor before it, and resist scratches and scuffs for a lifetime.

Ease of Installation:

Shaw Floorte is super easy to install.  Some styles easier than others, but all in all definitely a DIY product.  This LVP locks on the edges (long side) and ends (short side) with some to little effort.  Really, it’s just like anything else, the more you work with it, the easier the locking system becomes to tame.  For those budget-friendly shoppers who want to cut installation cost, Shaw Floorte is a great place to start.  Read More


This is a must-need feature for anyone who has kids and pets.  Cleaning up cereal crumbs with a broom is mush easier than a vacuum.  Wiping up juice spills with a paper towel is much simpler than scrubbing with a hand towel.  These are a few of the advantages to Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl.  Its easy to clean and is resistant to most household chemicals.  Water and other liquids won’t penetrate the surface, leaving them stranded on top for easy wiping.  The same goes for cookie crumbs and any other crumb, sweeping with a broom is the most effort you will exert.  That means more “Me” time.


Shopping for flooring can be difficult, actually painstaking to be honest.  We know what you’re going through and we can help guide you through this process.  So step into the world of Shaw Floorte LVP, where luxury meets durability.  Its not just changing your floor, it’s changing your lifestyle.  And let Total Value Flooring do all the hard work.

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