COREtec CT HD 7" x 60" Integrated Bevel

COREtec CT HD 7″ Sale Starts Now

COREtec CT HD 7″ x 60″ is a premier line of LVP flooring, constructed with COREtec’s renowned HD (high-definition) visual which masterfully displays the look of real hardwood flooring.  It is designed to mimic hardwood flooring and does so with its 7″ wide planks, and 60″ long boards, integrated bevel, and unique knots and grain texture.

The Core

The glory of it all is the core which COREtec CT HD boasts as being waterproof .  It guards against spills and subfloor imperfections making it an excellent floor for any room, on any level of the home.  The core of the COREtec CT HD is a promising characteristic that homeowners with busy lifestyles will embrace.

Parents and Pet Lovers

For years, earlier versions of laminate had been the go-to for durability and hardwood the go-to for style.  But laminate while durable on the top surface, swells from a small spill or even a few drops of water.  Hardwood is just too pricey most times.  That’s why LVP Flooring has setting sales records for the past 5 years.  And as it evolves, COREtec Floors stays at the forefront.

At Total Value, we see the difference in COREtec LVP Flooring against all other brands and we have been shipping it nationwide since 2013.  Get a discounted COREtec price from Total Value Flooring by calling (800) 957-6643.

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