COREtec Plus Enhanced XL

COREtec Plus Enhanced XL- The Peak Of Flooring

Discover the epitome of luxury and practicality with COREtec Plus Enhanced XL, the pinnacle of LVP flooring that seamlessly marries the timeless elegance of natural hardwood with unmatched durability and ease of maintenance. As a standout product in the luxury vinyl plank market, COREtec Plus Enhanced XL offers an unparalleled combination of aesthetics, resilience, and innovation.

Making The Right Choice

Appalachian Pine: A warm, inviting tone that brings the natural charm of the forest into your home. Transform your home with COREtec Plus Enhanced XL, where beauty meets practicality in every plank. Explore our collection to find the perfect foundation for your next project.

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Why Choose COREtec Plus Enhanced XL?
  1. Authentic Wood Aesthetics: Embrace the beauty of hardwood without the maintenance. COREtec Plus Enhanced XL features Embossed In Register (EIR) technology, delivering an authentic hardwood appearance and texture, from the rich grain patterns to the subtle nuances of real wood.
  2. Supreme Durability: Crafted for life's unexpected moments, COREtec Plus Enhanced XL is 100% waterproof, pet-proof, and kid-proof. Its advanced construction, including a 20 mil wear layer, provides superior protection against spills, scratches, and dents, ensuring your floors stay beautiful under heavy foot traffic and everyday challenges.
  3. Simplified Installation & Upkeep: Say goodbye to lengthy acclimation times and complex installation processes. COREtec Plus Enhanced XL's click-together design allows for hassle-free, DIY installations. Its easy-to-clean surface means more time enjoying your space and less time on upkeep.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Proudly manufactured in the USA, COREtec Plus Enhanced XL is a green choice, reducing the environmental impact associated with shipping and offering an eco-friendly flooring solution for your home.