COREtec Pro Plus 7"

COREtec Pro Plus 7″: A Blend of Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

For a flooring option that stands the test of time and traffic, COREtec Pro Plus 7″ emerges as a champion in both residential and light commercial environments. Its superior engineering combines the beauty of traditional hardwood with the resilience of modern technology, ensuring a floor that not only looks stunning but can withstand the rigors of daily life.

Making The Right Choice

Incorporating COREtec Pro Plus 7″ into your space means choosing a floor that’s as tough as it is beautiful. Among the collection, standout colors like Biscayne Oak, Chesapeake Oak, and Copano Oak offer a range of hues and textures to complement any design aesthetic, from the traditional to the contemporary. Selecting COREtec Pro Plus 7″ for your flooring project is not just about the immediate impact but about making a long-term investment in the beauty and durability of your space.

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Why Choose COREtec Pro Plus 7"?
  1. Durability and Performance: With a compact SPC construction, COREtec Pro Plus 7" is built to last, resisting impacts and dents even in high-traffic areas.
  2. Waterproof Technology: 100% waterproof, these floors can be installed in any room, worry-free about moisture or water damage.
  3. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Designed for quick and easy installation, COREtec Pro Plus 7" floors are also effortless to maintain, requiring minimal care to keep them looking their best.