CT Plus Tile 12"

CT Plus Tile 12″ – Transform Your Space With Sophistication

Transform your space with the sophistication and durability of our CT Plus Tile 12″ collection. Offering unparalleled beauty and engineered for living, our selection brings the harmony of nature and innovation right to your floors. Embrace the transformative power of Avesta Quartz, Bianco Marble, and Embra Slate, each providing a unique essence and unparalleled durability.

Making the Right Choice

For those seeking to express their unique style without compromise, explore the luxurious textures and natural beauty of our top selections: Avesta Quartz: Embodying the cool, crisp brilliance of morning frost, Avesta Quartz offers a clean and luminous foundation for any room. Bianco Marble: Reflect the timeless elegance of marble with Bianco Marble, providing a touch of classic sophistication to your living space. Embra Slate: For those who draw inspiration from the rugged beauty of the natural world, Embra Slate offers a robust and earthy aesthetic that grounds any décor.

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Why Choose [CT Plus Tile 12"]?

  1. Sustainability Meets Style: Our tiles are crafted with both the planet and your lifestyle in mind, ensuring a guilt-free luxury that lasts.
  2. Durability and Comfort Combined: With a wear layer designed to withstand the demands of any lifestyle, our tiles ensure your floors remain timeless.
  3. Ease of Installation: DIY-friendly options provide the flexibility to refresh your space on your terms.